Meet Mo Holcombe

 His name is Miron Holcombe. Most who know him call him Mo.

Mo has an indescribable love for aviation and is even more passionate about sharing his love and knowledge with others who share the same love.

Mo has a unique background and there is nothing this guy can’t do. He has been in some facet of the aviation industry since 1985. Mo has worked for many aviation companies throughout his career. He began his career in aviation with Delta Airlines as he was learning to fly and building his ratings. From there he managed to own and operate two businesses. All the while building time by teaching. Mo went on to fly with Express Jet airlines. From Express Jet to PSA airlines and American airlines. Mo flew part 135 (charter service) with Georgia Jet for a time before moving to a jet card company Jet Linx. After two years, Mo is back flying with Georgia Jet where he plans to fly until retirement.

It all began in 1985, achieving his private pilot’s license, instrument rating along with his basic, advanced, and instrument ground instructor’s ratings. Along the way, Mo has owned two businesses for more than 25 years before deciding to take a chance on a professional career of flying beginning at Express Jet. Mo completed his commercial rating, CFI, CFII, and went on to complete his multi-engine, multi-commercial, and multi-instrument in the same year. I have been told he would be adding his multi-engine instructor certificate sometime in the near future.

Mo has taught at many airports north of Atlanta and even built a flight school from the ground up. Unlike many instructors, Mo was not just building hours to get him to the next level, he really cares that his students understand the art of flying.

Mo began his professional flying career at Express Jet airlines and now is currently flying a Beechjet for Jet Linx. Mo plans to continue to fly for his current company for a few more years, then plans to spend his retirement years doing what he enjoys doing the most, teaching those of us who have dreams of flying.

Mo has been trained by the best and his teaching is not just the run of the mill. It’s almost like he’s not teaching, he’s pouring his 36 years of knowledge and experience into his students. To me, He is more than a teacher, he is a mentor. He has a quick wit and uses this unique ability to real me back in after I have gotten myself overwhelmed.

With Me, Somehow, without me knowing it, Mo figured out how I learn, making learning to fly so much more fun and leaving the student wanting more.

There are lots of good instructors out there but there are none like Mo. With all kidding aside, flying with Mo was the most fun I have had in a long time. Mo has always told me ” you cannot learn in a hostile environment, so here is what we are going to do. First, we are going to be SAFE.   Second, we are going to have FUN and in the process of being safe and having fun, you are going to learn.” and I sure did !!! Flying with Mo has left a lifetime impression on me. So if you are interested in learning to fly, Schedule your discovery flight today!!!

If you stick around long enough you may hear him say

Don’t Just Dream the Dream, Live the Dream, Learn to FLY !!!

Bio written by Bob Herbick

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