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There are basically two types of training. Flight training and Ground Training. The flight training is mostly comprised of primary training which is Private Pilot Training. Advanced training includes Instrument, Commercial, and CFI / CFII, and of course multi-engine training. If you are interested in  Drones, We will have some training available to get your Commercial Drone certification.

While flight training is done in the airplane. Most flight lessons include some degree of ground instruction and include pre and post-flight briefings. When speaking of ground training, this is training whether it be in a ground classroom setting or a one on one setting.  These sessions are designed to not only give the student an understanding of the knowledge areas for their written exam and how to apply this knowledge when it comes to flying the airplane.

We have some learning tools available, these are for sale.  I believe these lessons will not only help you learn the knowledge areas. These lessons are formatted in a way to helps you not only learn the material and will also help you retain this information throughout your aviation career. It is not always convenient to have a book in your hand,  so for now I am making these available in audio files first, then we will make these available in audio/visual in the near future. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at mo@myav8rtraining.com





Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

What a good question. The answer is not so easy.  There are no two students alike so it will be different for every student that comes through the training. Not all, but some schools, will throw out a number to entice you to begin your training with them. What they don’t tell you is that you will never be under that price; however, it may take more time than they originally planned. usually, this comes at a premium price. so you may feel pressured to hurry to complete the program.

We want to eliminate all of that so we charge by the hour. This way you can take your time to work at a comfortable pace until you reach the level you are ready to complete the course. Our prices are listed on our Custom Training page.


How Long Does It Take?

Another very good question. The answer is as soon as practicable. This is based on a few factors. The availability of your schedule, the instructor’s schedule, the airplane schedule and don’t forget about the weather conditions.

As with every student, we are committed to complete the course with as minimum time as possible. One thing we will not do is be rushed. We will not rush you through unless you meet all the standards and can perform accordingly. The way we train it’s not often a student will have to go back and spend extra time learning a maneuver or a subject. When you complete your training, You will soar with confidence.

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